Develop digital innovations for a safer and better life

We seek, amongst others, developers, marketeers, geeks and advisors for digital innovation

Shaping digital innovations 

InnoValor creates value through digital innovation for governmental organisations and financials. We develop software and provide strategy advice to make our society safer and better. To do so, InnoValor is looking for researchers, advisors, developers and many other people with a passion for IT

With our fast-growing team of over 40 developers, strategists, consultants and researchers, we work on solid, groundbreaking and socially relevant solutions that increase the digital trust and agility of organisations.

Award winning products

We work with a great passion for future developments and based on solidly based research we create a head start for our clients.


This makes a difference: we are international market leader for mobile identity verification with our award-winning product ReadID, used by governments, banks and insurance companies. It helps prevent fraud and simplifies mobile onboarding of customers.

Technology can shape a saver, smarter, more fair and happier life. We are constantly on the lookout for enthusiastic professionals who can blend the magical mix of strategy, technology and social benefits for new, unexpected possibilities.

Our fast-growing team of digital natives consists of scientists, code kings, protocol emperors, process architects, serious game designers, design thinkers and ethical hackers with 7 nationalities.

Send us your application today!

Will you join us to create impact? Send an open application to Wil Janssen, or apply to one of job openings. 

We appreciate direct contact with applicants. Direct contact shows motivation, interest in our company and preparation. Therefore, if we reward this interest with a welcoming bonus of one thousand euros if we come to an agreement and you start you job at InnoValor.  


Biometrics are the future


Common sense

Dietmar & Martijn



Setting the standard


Happy coding


Business make-over queen


Guardian of digital identity


Ethical hacker


Connecting everything

Timothy & Mitch

Team effort


Code rules


If IT is your passion

Our head office is in the creative Roombeek district in Enschede. In addition, we have people working from London.

We challenge you to get the best out of yourself by offering you a lot of freedom with fascinating challenges for interesting clients. Next to an excellent salary and additional variable payment, we offer the possibility of extra vacation days. Above all, you determine how you organise your working time and private time and with which flexibility you work where and when you work.